Saturday, 24 September 2016


Good day ladies and gentlemen, you reading this means that you stumbled upon this piece while searching on how to earn tangible income online or you were referred here. We did not intend to run a blog for this but every platform we go on to try to help people earn online for FREE always demand us to pay or our thread will be deleted, some other times we will be reported by others who feel we giving out for free what they require people to pay N150,000 to attend their workshop and our post will be deleted. Now let me make this clear, this post is not for those who want to be analytic scrutinize-rs, those who see a business and are always about the negative and in reality they haven't even attempted any business because of their fear of failure. "If your fear of failure super-cedes your desire to succeed then you are not ready to be successful" Enough of the lectures and lets go straight to business, many of us are used to having huge theories about a business and after all it still doesn't turn out well, here we are really not interested in theories, we don't intend selling any book to you or inviting you for a workshop or seminar and no one is asking for your bank details, bvn number. With all that said lets begin. WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS? 1. LAPTOP COMPUTER (or a desktop, an upgraded Smart phone/device) 2. INTERNET CONNECTION 3. $20 in your online wallet(if you have one) or N8700 in your local account. (note that N8700 could vary depending on exchange rate) 4. A Valid ID card (International passport, driver's license, Voters card or National ID) Note if you don't have any of these, we can still find a way around it for u) PLEASE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ALL OF THESE REQUIREMENTS DON'T BOTHER CONTACTING ME ASKING FOR INSIGHT AND "CONVINCE ME TO JOIN ATTITUDE". THIS IS STRICTLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE READY FOR BUSINESS BECAUSE WE GIVING THIS OUT FOR FREE MEANS WE ONLY LOOKING AT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WE CAN HELP WITH OUR PLATFORM" WHAT IS THE BUSINESS? Now the business about sending and receiving money in a closed system using bitcoins on the zarfund platform. Now it may interest You to know that 1bitcoin is currently equal to $615 meaning 1BTC = $615 = N267525 In the course of this business scheme with us, you are expected to earn between 2.2BTC - 32BTC - 128BTC (N535000 ) (N8million) (N31million) YES, you read that right, now i will not only show you how, but will also walk you the process to begin and also handle completely your growth for free. Lets make your laptop a mine you huge income online LEGALLY. I don't intend to add anyone into a whats-app group for lectures, education, analysis or convincing like most other people do when they want to sell something to you in other to add value to make you part with your money. The only money you will be needing through out the whole course of the programme is $20/N8700 and you will not need anything else. WHAT IS THE DISADVANTAGE OF THE BUSINESS? I am a very sincere person in business and i cherish integrity so much which is part of the rules of being a business consultant so i will say this sincerely that this is not a sustainable system, so do not abandon your work and take it as a newly found source of income but only take it as a system in which you can rake out a lot of money to do some other thing. The beauty of this is that the business just commenced this SEPTEMBER 2016. Based on my research over the years, schemes like this stay for a period between 9months - 16months before they are shut down. We as a team will be out of the scheme in exactly 9months. So for those who will read this and say "LET ME THINK ABOUT IT" be well informed that the latter you start the higher the risk for you. SO HOW DO I EARN? Your earnings is based on REFERRALS but we observed that so many people like ME shy away from businesses that involves me disturbing me friends and family or some random persons to "Come and Join" me or my team. For me i come across people telling me about one business or the other everyday but the moment they tell me i have to refer people or convince people to join, i loose interest immediately because you will agree with me that it is not easy to convince just 1person to join me and then if i do what is the probability that that person can convince another. WHAT IS THE UNIQUENESS OF ALL THESE? We have a team of software programmers who developed a ground breaking software that takes care of the referrals for you without you talking or disturbing anyone. YES you read that right, this has never been seen before, the software mines, processes, assigns and allocates referrals for you once your referral link has being uploaded on it. All you have to do is to complete your signup process and validate your account so your own referral link will be generated and RELAX and watch the software take care of your referral and then you MUST give feedback here on this platform. WHAT AM I REQUIRED TO DO IN THE BUSINESS? You start up with with 0.03btc($20) in your bitcoin wallet, then you send 0.03btc to a wallet that will be provided to u from on the zarfund platform and then validates your account, your referral will be generated, all you do is to log in to watch your progress and know when you have received money and when you are to send. We also offer customer care to our client because we work for you by also calling you via phone call or chat to inform you of when you should send so you wont miss your income. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR ME TO GET MY REFERRAL? The process of mining and converting this leads into referrals cannot be precise but we always tell our client that the system works round the clock so you should expect your 1st set of referral to complete the matrix within 2hours minimum to 10days maximum. Although we have some people who got theirs in just 6hours but to cater for everyone without complains we request you give this validity period. The system picks each referral link, completes the first matrix then goes to the next, until it completes the cycle before it comes back to the next level to pick the referral link. Please read our feedback to see the rates. HOW AND WHEN CAN I WITHDRAW? You can withdraw at any point of the scheme, and transfer your money through the ex-changers back to your local account. It will not take you more than 24hours to sell your bitcoin and receive the equivalent in your local account. I will walk you step by step and also advice you on when to withdraw because i know so many people say money on the screen is different from money at hand or in the bank. HOW DO I GIVE A FEEDBACK? A feedback is basically as simple as it sounds, just giving a sincere positive feedback about our system for example, My name is Tayo from Lagos, Nigeria, i signed up on the 25th and it took the software 18hours to complete my level 1 matrix and am so amazed and happy because i did nothing and told no one" WHAT IS THE BREAK-DOWN OF WHAT I EXPECT TO EARN ON EACH STAGE? After validation, and your referral link has been generated and uploaded on the software, this is the breakdown of your income before upgrade. EARNINGS Stage Approx in Bitcoin Dollar Naira 1 0.06btc $20 N15,000 2 0.2btc $120 N52,800 3 0.8btc $480 N194,400 4 3.2btc $1,800 N778,000 5 32btc $19,204 N7.7million 6 128btc $76,785 N31.1million Meaning during the course of this programme you expected expected to earn a minimum of N778,000 if you join us between The goal is to get everyone that joins us within 60days of this post to STAGE 5 minimum or Stage 6 maximum, while those who joins latter to a minimum of Stage 4. Everyone must get to this stage before we exit the scheme so its advice able u start then while waiting to see if our system will truly take care of the referral you can think about it. CAN I RUN MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT? Yes you can run accounts for your siblings or friend or love ones and there are no maximum limits of account you can run BUT you must run each account on a different browser on your laptop and that is the only limitation you get unless you will be running it on 3laptops. Same thing applied if you are doing your business on a smart device. IS THERE A GROUP WHERE I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS? No, there is none, this is not a community of people who want to help each other as a team to help each other talk to their prospect or help convince someone to join the system. This is a chain of people whose business is automated by a system. When the system signs up anyone in your network, you get a notification via mail, showing the persons full details and contact, you can also see that from your back office. IS THE SYSTEM FROM ZARFUND? NO, its not like i said before, it was developed by a team of programmers here in Nigeria and it works on a huge database of individuals. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DON'T GET A REFERRAL? Come to this blog and give your negative comment. SO WHAT AM I TO DO NOW AM INTERESTED? CONTACT ME ON WHATS-APP OR CALL ON 09093200039 MR TAYO